Dong Kui Zi Bulk Natural Herbal Chingma Abutilon Seed

Short Description:

Chinese name: dong kui zi
English Name: Fructus Malvae
Latin Name: Malva verticillata L.
Use Part: fruit
Specification: Whole,Cut Slice, Bio Powder,Extract Powder
Main function: Lishui Tonglin, Huachang Tongbian, xiaru
Application: Medicine,Health Care food,Wine,etc.
Storage: Cool and dry place.
Packing: 1kg/bag,20kg/carton, as per buyers request

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Holly seed, the name of Chinese medicine. It is the fruit of Malva verticillata L. and Melva crispa L. Wild sunflower is distributed all over China. It is planted in Southwest China, Hebei, Gansu, Jiangxi, Hubei and Hunan. It has the effect of promoting diuresis, smoothing intestines, relieving constipation and removing milk. Commonly used in gonorrhea, edema, fecal obstruction, not milk. The fruit of Abelmoschus manihot is composed of 7-9 small fruits, which are flat and disc-shaped with persistent calyx at the bottom. The fruit is orange petal or kidney shaped, 1.5-2mm in diameter, and the thin side is concave. The surface of pericarp is brownish yellow, and the back is smooth. 


There are a small concave dot on both sides of the surface, and there are radioactive stripes from the dot to the outside. Seeds orange petalose reniform, testa black to tan. The cotyledons are hard, heart-shaped after broken, and two pieces overlap and fold. It is weak in Qi and astringent in taste.


Lishui Tonglin, Huachang Tongbian, xiaru.


Gonorrhea, edema, constipation, milk.

Related compatibility

1. Treatment of pregnancy, urine pain: Holly seed, talc, Akebia each equal. For the end, each serve four money, a water, scallion seven inches, fried to six minutes, to the dross service(《 A good recipe for women
2. Treatment of postpartum drenching: kuizi one, puxiao eight. Water two liters, fried eight, the next Xiaofu(《 Yao Seng Tan (collected prescriptions)
3. To cure children's urination: 1 liter of holly seed, 2 liters of water, boil 1 liter, take separately, and add 6 baht of talcum powder(《 A thousand gold prescriptions)
4. Treatment of pregnancy has moisture, body weight, urine adverse, sprinkle Xi evil cold, from that dizziness: sunflower seed a Jin, Poria three Liang. On the two flavor, pestle for powder, drink service square inch dagger, three service, small convenience is more(《 Kuizi Fuling powder (Synopsis of the Golden Chamber)
5. For the treatment of stroke, there is no way to urinate and defecate, and the patient wants to die: two liters of kuizi, four liters of water, one liter of boiled water, and take it at once. Pig fat inside is like chicken seed, one pill is better(《 Behind the elbow
6. Cure defecation impassable 10 days to January: kuizi powder into milk equal, kimono(《 Sheng Hui Fang)
7. In the treatment of fetal death, if the mother wants to get sick: three Liang Achyranthes bidentata, one liter sunflower seed. On the two flavors, seven liters of water, boil three liters, three servings(《 A thousand gold prescriptions)
8. Treatment of blood dysentery, dysentery: Okra Seed for the end, each take two money, into the wax tea one money, boiling soup tune service, three days(《 Sheng Hui Fang)
9. Treatment of surface blisters to make light white: saute sunflower seed, other research, white Poria cocos black skin, each three Liang. On three flavor, pound grind for powder. Each take two money dagger, warm wine adjustment, after eating Pro lying(《 Dongkuizi San (Shengji Zonglu

Usage and dosage

Oral: Jiantang, 6-15g

Collection and processing

The seeds were harvested when they were mature in spring.

Processing method

Take the original medicine, remove impurities and skin, wash and dry. It's time to pound.


Store in a dry container and place in a ventilated and dry place, Store in a ventilated and dry place to prevent mildew and moth.


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