Yu Zhu Wholesale dried Polygonatum odoratum

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Chinese name: yu zhu
English Name: Polygonatum odoratum
Latin Name: Polygonatum odoratum Mill. Druce
Use Part: Roots
Specification: Whole, Cut Slice, Bio Powder, Extract Powder
Main function: Nourishing Yin, stomach and lung
Application: Medicine, Health Care food, Wine, etc.
Storage: Cool and dry place.
Packing: 1kg/bag, 20kg/carton, as per buyers request

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Radix polygonati officinalis is the dry rhizome of Polygonatum odoratum (Mill.) Druce in the lily family. Distributed in Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, Hebei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu, Qinghai, Shandong, Henan, Hubei, Hunan, Anhui, Jiangxi, Jiangsu, Taiwan and other places.

Rhizomes of Polygonatum odoratum are mainly composed of Polygonatum odoratum mucopolysaccharide, Polygonatum sibiricum spirosterol, Polygonatum sibiricum spirosterol glycoside and other steroids. They are sweet in taste and slightly cold in nature. They have the effects of nourishing yin and moistening dryness, generating fluid and relieving thirst. They are used for Yin injury of lung and stomach, dry heat cough, dry throat and thirst, internal heat and thirst. In addition to the compatibility of traditional Chinese medicine, it is often processed into pieces, health food, health drink, beauty and skin care products.

Wholesale dried Polygonatum odoratum2


Nourishes yin and moisturizes dryness, promotes body fluid and quenches thirst.


Used for lung and stomach yin injury, dry-heat cough, dry throat and thirst, internal heat diminishes thirst.

Related compatibility

1. Treatment of autumn dryness and stomach yin: three coins of Polygonatum odoratum, three coins of Ophiopogon japonicus, two coins of Adenophora, and one coin of raw licorice. Take five cups of water, take two cups of boiling water, and serve twice. ("Differentiation of Febrile Diseases" Yuzhu Maimendong Soup).
2. Treatment of fever, dry mouth, astringent urine: wilting 50 taels. Boil the juice and drink it. ("The Secret Medicine of Outside Taiwan").
3. Treat cold and wind temperature in the body due to deficiency of yin, cough in winter, dry throat, phlegm knots: two to three coins for raw protactinium, two to three raw scallions, platycodon from one to half, and Dongbaiwei from five to one dollar, Light tempeh three to four coins, Su mint from one to half a coin, five cents on roasted grass, and two red dates. Decoction. ("Popular Treatise on Febrile Diseases" with addition and subtraction of Wei Lian Decoction).
4. Treatment of urinary irritation and astringent pain: four or two plantain roots (cut), and one or two wilting (file). Put two large cups of water on the medicine, fry until one cup is three minutes away, remove the water, add three cups of powdered talc, and stir to make it even. Divide into three servings before eating. ("Holy Benefits").

Usage and dosage: 6-12g.

Collection and processing

Excavate in autumn, remove the fibrous roots, wash, dry until soft, knead repeatedly, air dry until there is no hard core, and dry; or after steaming, knead until translucent, and dry.

Processing method

Remove impurities, wash, moisturize, cut into thick slices or sections, and dry.


Store in a ventilated and dry place to prevent mildew and moth.

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