Chuan Niu Xi Traditional Chinese Medicine Material Cyathula Root

Short Description:

Chinese name: chuan niu xi
English Name: cyathula root
Latin Name: Cyathula officinalis Kuan
Use Part: root
Specification: Whole,Cut Slice, Bio Powder,Extract Powder
Main function: Promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis
Application: Medicine,Health Care food,Wine,etc.
Storage: Cool and dry place.
Packing: 1kg/bag,20kg/carton, as per buyers request

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This product is the dry root of Cyathula officinalis Kuan. In autumn and winter, the reed head, fibrous root and silt are removed. The Kang is dried to half dry, and then the Kang is dried or sun dried. Also known as sweet Achyranthes bidentata. It is the dry root of Kadsura angustifolia. The root is star shaped, not twisted or slightly twisted; The head of the root is enlarged, the lower end of the root is thinner, or there are a few small lateral roots, about 30-70 cm in length and 1-2 cm in diameter. All of them have longitudinal wrinkles and lateral roots; The surface is brown yellow or black gray. It is tough and not easy to break. The section is grayish yellow to dark brown, with many light colored dots and oily matters separated out, which are arranged into about 3-8 rings, with a larger one in the center. Sweet or slightly bitter, no aroma



Zhuyu Tongjing, Tongli joint, diuresis Tonglin


It is used for syndrome of amenorrhea, retention of tunic, falling injury, rheumatic arthralgia, foot flaccidity and tendon contracture, blood drenching in urine, etc.

Related compatibility

1.Compilation of medicinal materials: it has the effect of relieving pain in treating stab wounds. 2. Records of Chinese materia medica: the blood breaking rate decreased. 3. Manual of Chinese herbal medicine: it has the same function as Achyranthes bidentata. 4. Records of Sichuan Traditional Chinese medicine: dispelling wind and dampness, dredging channels and dispersing blood. It is used to treat cold dampness, lumbago and leg pain, foot flaccidity and tendon contracture, women's amenorrhea and syndrome, gonorrhea, blood in urine, Yin flaccidity and drowning. With angelica, red peony, peach kernel, safflower and other treatment of women with amenorrhea; With dog spine, parasitic, eucommia, Clematis and other treatment of low back and knee pain; With notopterygium, Ramulus Cinnamomi, Atractylodes, Gentiana macrophylla, Fangfeng and other treatment of rheumatoid arthritis pain; With angelica, wheat, wood, talc, Holly seed, etc. to treat maternal plasma or fetal death.

Usage and dosage


Collection and processing

In autumn and winter, the reed head, fibrous root and sediment are removed, dried or dried to half dry, and then piled up for moistening. Then dry or sun dry.

Processing method

Achyranthes bidentata, remove impurities and reed head, wash, moisten, slice and dry.


Store in a ventilated and dry place to prevent mildew and moth.


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