Pi Pa Ye Traditional Chinese Medicine Loquat Leaf

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Chinese name: pi pa ye
English Name: Loquat leaf
Latin Name: Eriobotryae Folium
Use Part: leaf
Specification: Whole,Cut Slice, Bio Powder,Extract Powder
Main function: Clearing lung, relieving cough, reducing adverse reactions and stopping vomiting
Application: Medicine,Health Care food,Wine,etc.
Storage: Cool and dry place.
Packing: 1kg/bag,20kg/carton, as per buyers request

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Loquat leaf is a traditional Chinese medicine name. It is the leaf of Eriobotrya japonica (Thunb.) Lindl. It has the effect of clearing lung, relieving cough, reducing adverse reaction and stopping vomiting. Indications: cough due to lung heat, dyspnea, vomiting due to stomach heat and dyspnea. The leaves are oblong or obovate, 12-30cm long and 3-9cm wide. Apex acute, base cuneate, margin distally sparsely serrate, base entire. The upper surface is grayish green, yellowish brown or reddish brown, glossy, and the lower surface is light gray or brownish green, densely covered with yellow hairs. Main veins prominently raised on the lower surface, lateral veins pinnate. Petiole very short, covered with brown yellow hairs. Leather and crisp, easy to break. The taste is slightly bitter.



Clearing lung, relieving cough, reducing adverse reactions and stopping vomiting.


1. Cough due to lung heat and dyspnea due to Qi inversion: the taste of bitterness can be reduced and the nature of coldness can be cleared, which has the function of clearing and reducing lung qi.
2. Stomach heat, vomiting and dyspnea: This product can clear stomach heat, reduce stomach qi and stop vomiting and hiccup.
3. Western medicine diagnosis for acute bronchitis, lobar pneumonia, pertussis, bronchiectasis belong to hot phlegm type, acute and chronic gastritis, diaphragmatic spasm belong to stomach fire.

Related compatibility

1. Compendium of materia medica: "harmonizing stomach, reducing Qi, clearing heat, relieving summer heat, and treating beriberi."“ Loquat leaf, the treatment of lung and stomach disease, mostly take the work of its lower Qi ear. Under the Qi, the fire will descend and the phlegm will be smooth, while those who go against it will not go against it, those who vomit will not vomit, those who are thirsty will not be thirsty, and those who cough will not cough. "“ For stomach diseases, ginger juice is used for coating, and for lung diseases, honey water is used for coating. "

2. According to the essay of Chongqing Tang, "all the pathogenic factors of wind, heat, heat and dryness in the lung can be used to protect the soft and golden, but to cure the festival, while the fragrant but not dryness. All the pathogenic factors of dampness, epidemic and poison in the stomach can be used to clear the turbid and reach Zhongzhou.". The herbal medicine, however, was invented for its great achievements in treating cough and purgation with Qi under it.

Usage and dosage

Oral: decoction, 5-10g. For relieving cough, it is suitable for roasting, and for stopping vomiting, it is suitable for living.

Collection and processing

From winter to next spring, when stems and leaves wither or flowers are not drawn, they are collected and dug.

Processing method

Remove impurities and fluff, spray with water, cut and dry.


Store in a ventilated and dry place to prevent mildew and moth.

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