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  • China Matcha green tea powder high quality ceremonial grade matcha AAA grade

    China Matcha green tea powder high qualit...

    Matcha has many effects and functions. It is rich in vitamin A, which can effectively maintain eyesight and has a good eyesight effect. Matcha contains fluorine. Regular drinking of Matcha has the effect of preventing dental caries. Matcha contains caffeine, which can stimulate the central nervou...
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  • Welcome to visit our company

    Welcome to visit our company

    Fuyang Bestop Import And Export Ltd. is established in 2011 with over 10 years exporting experiences. We're the pioneer of specializing in Chinese herbs dealing esp for exporting traditional herb medicine towards all over the world.  ...
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  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Scorpion

    Traditional Chinese Medicine Scorpion

    Scorpion belongs to Pinggan Xifeng medicine, which is pungent in taste, flat in nature, toxic and belongs to liver meridian. It has the effect of relieving wind and spasm, dredging collaterals and relieving pain, attacking poison and dispersing knot. Scorpion is an impor...
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  • Incredible effects of Tangerine Peel

    Incredible effects of Tangerine Peel

    Tangerine is a normal fruit in daily life, people always like its sweet taste and bright appearance,but we always throw away the peels after enjoying it. In fact,it’s a waste, here let me introduce some incredible effects of tangerine peel. Tangerine peels can be stored ...
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