Uses of Lemongrass: Fun and Refreshing Ways to Use Lemongrass

When we talk about fresh herbs, we often mention mint, cilantro, and basil.An equally important herb used in cooking and herbal medicine is lemongrass.The citrus flavor of this herb blends well with the herbal tea, which, as the name suggests, has a lemony aroma but a sweeter aftertaste.Although we often use it in tea, Thai and other Asian cuisines use this herb extensively to enhance the aroma of food.If you haven’t tried it, here are some suggestions where you can cook with this tropical herb and enhance our dining experience.
If you’re tired of regular steamed rice, add some chopped lemongrass while cooking the rice and salt.This not only enhances the aroma of the rice, but also improves the dining experience.
You can add lemongrass to any soup, from roasted tomatoes to sweet corn, and it will only enhance its aroma and nutritional value.When adding them to soup, make sure to add the outer leaves and remove them before serving to avoid too much aroma.
If the cinnamon and cardamom flavors aren’t present in your chicken and fish marinades, start adding fresh lemongrass.Fresh lemongrass as a marinade or as a sprinkling of chopped lemongrass in a stir-fry will make your regular chicken prep even better.This is great for those who are looking for a muted flavor.
In winter, we all love a hot masala lemon tea with fresh black pepper.Make it fragrant this season with fresh lemongrass.enjoy!
The citrus flavor of lemongrass goes well with cocktails.You can use it to make flavored syrups, you can use it to make cocktails, and even iced tea to spruce up your game.
From summer salads to hot winter salads, lemongrass works well with every type, and according to experts, regular consumption of lemongrass can regulate blood sugar and blood lipids.
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Post time: Jan-12-2022