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Blend herbal tea Skinny tea Pu er rose tea

Apr. 23, 2016

1. Main ingredient: rose petal  Pu er tea

2. Shape: Crush particle

3. Main Function:   whitening skin and facial care(beauty),anti-wrinkle and anti-age, slimming (weight loss)

4. Smell:  Flower fragrance

5. Storage: Drying,ventilation,anti-moisture

6. Negative effect: No

7. Region: Anhui China

8. Weight: 3g per bag


Roses rich in vitamins a, c, b, e, k, and tannic acid, it can improve  endocrine disorders, also  help to eliminate fatigue,wound and blood stasis, regulating female physiological problems, promoting the blood circulation, hairdressing, regulating the menstrual function, diuretic, moderating gastrointestinal nerve, preventing wrinkle.

Pu'Er tea is known as its beauty effect and perfect taste.


1.  slimming and loss weight

2.  Nourishing the stomach

3.  Treating inflammation and sterilization

4.  Anti-age and preventing wrinkle

5.  Whitening face and whitening skin( beauty )

6.  reducing blood lipid,reducing blood pressure

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