Traditional Chinese Medicine Scorpion

Scorpion belongs to Pinggan Xifeng medicine, which is pungent in taste, flat in nature, toxic and belongs to liver meridian. It has the effect of relieving wind and spasm, dredging collaterals and relieving pain, attacking poison and dispersing knot. Scorpion is an important medicine for external wind. Commonly used in stroke, convulsion, tetanus, Bi syndrome, can be used for carbuncle, tuberculosis, snake bite.

Scorpion has the function of "calming wind and relieving spasm, anti inflammation and attacking poison, dredging collaterals and relieving pain"; it is mainly used for "infantile convulsion, convulsion, skin disease, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease, inflammation, hepatitis B, tumor" and other diseases. Scorpion is also a kind of high-grade delicacy. Scorpion is rich in nutrition and has the functions of preventing and treating diseases, enhancing immunity and anti-aging, which is favored by Chinese and foreign guests.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Scorpion

Scorpion wine contains 22 kinds of amino acids and various trace elements, vitamins, taurine, etc. which are needed by the human body. It has no toxic and side effects on patients. It is a high-level nutritional agricultural supplement suitable for both men and women, old and young, and can strengthen the body. Its function can improve the human body's function and physiological function in two directions. It has good curative effect on the nervous system, cardio cerebrovascular system, liver, kidney and skin. It is also good for the treatment of rheumatism and shoulder pain It has obvious effects on shoulder inflammation, headache, facial paralysis, dysfunction and women's low back pain.

Traditional Chinese Medicine Scorpion1

If a scorpion wants to be used as medicine, it must first be processed. Generally speaking, the processing method of a scorpion is to remove impurities, wash and dry. Spring to autumn is a good time to capture the whole scorpion. After the capture, put the whole scorpion in clear water and choke to death, and then put the whole scorpion into the pot to boil. Generally speaking, the amount of water we pour into the pot only needs to cover Scorpion will do.

Then put some salt in it. It is recommended that every 500 grams of whole scorpion be equipped with 150 grams of salt. After the salt is put in, boil it for 3 to 4 hours. When the water in the pot is about to be boiled, we can check it. Up. The main way to check is to pinch the tail end of the scorpion with my fingers.

If the boiled whole scorpion can stay upright after we pinch its tail with our fingers, if the back sees a furrow, and the abdomen is flat, it means that the whole scorpion has been processed, and we can put it in the pot. Take out the whole scorpions and put them all in a ventilated place to dry in the shade. When we need to use the whole scorpions, rinse these processed whole scorpions with clean water and use the salt.

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