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Sisal hemp seeds

Apr. 26, 2021

Everyone has seen sisal in the green belt. Its plant is blue-green, with hard leaves, round plant type, dense leaves, long flower stems growing in the center, and a bunch of white flowers. In fact, in addition to ornamental, sisal is more as a cash crop, sisal can be planted by seed sowing method. Now let's have a look together!

Sisal hemp seeds

1. Prepare the seeds

Prepare sisal seeds in advance, select high-quality and full sisal seeds, and the freshness of seeds is higher, and the survival rate of such seeds is higher. The sisal was planted and screened once, and the bad and the incomplete seeds were removed, and the good seeds were left for sowing.

2. Seedling raising

Sisal likes the environment of high temperature and humidity, and can be raised in the open field under the conditions of suitable climate. If the climate is not suitable, it needs to be raised in the greenhouse. For details, we can come according to the local conditions.

3. Colonization

After seedling raising, it can be planted. At this time, the height of sisal seedling is more than 50 cm, and the leaves are 20-25 pieces. The spacing of planting should be appropriate. In the subsequent growth process, the dead branches and leaves will be cut off, and the pedicels shall be cut off timely after the flowers.

4. Management

In order to promote the growth of plants, the cultivation and fertilization should be paid attention to in the daily management of sisal. The growth of sisal is neat and has a result, and it does not need too much pruning. After each leaf collection, it is necessary to strengthen the maintenance to make its plant grow rapidly.

5. Diseases and insect pests

The common diseases of sisal are spot disease and leaf spot disease. In addition to daily management, we should often check the plant condition. When it comes to the disease, 70% methyltobuzin wet powder can be used to spray the plant with 1000 times liquid. The damage of sisal can be sprayed with 1000 times of Omethoate

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