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Red ginseng root

Jan. 13, 2021

Red ginseng is a kind of cooked product of ginseng, and its processing method is through soaking, cleaning, sorting, steaming, drying and other processes. In the steaming process of red ginseng, chemical reaction will occur due to heat treatment, and the composition will change. It can produce some new components, such as G-Rh2, panaxytriol, maltol and so on. G-Rh2 and panaxytriol can inhibit the growth of cancer cells, while maltol has antioxidant effect. The dried red ginseng has ruddy color and strong smell. Compared with the white ginseng, the red ginseng has the advantages of compact tissue, firmness and good storability. Red ginseng has the functions of Tonifying Qi, nourishing Yin, benefiting blood, generating body fluid, strengthening heart, strengthening stomach and calming down. There is no strict difference between red ginseng and white ginseng, but it is generally considered that red ginseng is better than white ginseng in tonifying deficiency. Taking red ginseng for a long time can improve immunity, anti fatigue, anti radiation, inhibit tumor and regulate endocrine system. Red ginseng is suitable for the elderly and people with chronic disease and body deficiency. Red ginseng has the characteristics of big fire, strong strength and strong efficacy. It is the first choice tonic for people with Yin excess and yang deficiency. Red ginseng is often used in medicine to treat collapse or tonic.

Red ginseng root

Traditional Chinese medicine points out that red ginseng can help to tonify the five zang organs, calm the spirit and eliminate evil Qi. Therefore, long-term consumption of red ginseng can have a good effect of calming the nerves and tonifying the brain. For some people with frequent insomnia and poor memory, eating red ginseng is a good choice, especially for menopausal women.

In life, there are many ways to eat red ginseng. You can use red ginseng to stew with some ingredients, make tea, steam and eat it directly. Some people will grind red ginseng into powder and take it. This is also a good choice.

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