The efficacy and effects of lemongrass tea

According to the traditional Indian medicine, lemongrass is regarded as a medicinal plant for treating all kinds of diseases, so it can be seen that lemongrass is very effective.

What are the effects of lemongrass ? Let Fuyang Bestop tell you.

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The effects of lemongrass tea can generally be effective in calming asthma and relieving cough. If used over a long period of time, lemongrass tea can be an effective adjunct to the treatment of bronchitis, and usually has the effect of dispelling wind and dampness.

1.asthma and cough: patients often eat lemongrass tea, can effectively play the role of asthma and cough. Because lemongrass tea contains geraniol, geraniol can effectively play a role in improving lung ventilation as well as the treatment of asthma and cough. If the patient has shortness of breath and coughing symptoms when he has a cold, he can also be relieved and treated by lemongrass tea.

2. bronchitis: lemongrass tea can effectively treat bronchitis. Because lemon grass tea itself is a geraniol, can relieve lung ventilation, the treatment of bronchitis has a very good effect. Lemongrass tea can effectively play the effect of dispelling the wind and passages, generally in the bronchitis attack, the patient is due to inflammation of the respiratory tract and inflammation of the parts of the trachea caused by the appropriate drink some lemongrass tea, the treatment of bronchitis has a very good auxiliary effect.

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3. dispel wind and dampness: lemon grass tea in a long time after drinking, will effectively play the effect of dispelling the wind and pass through, can also treat pain. In patients with rheumatoid attacks will generally appear painful symptoms, if a long time to drink lemon grass tea, can effectively play the effect of treatment.

4.Lemongrass has antibacterial ability, can treat acute gastroenteritis and chronic diarrhea, moisturize the skin helps women to maintain beauty. Reduce cold and flu symptoms, can cure stomach pain, abdominal pain, headache, fever lifting headache, fever, herpes, etc., diuretic detoxification, eliminate edema and excess fat. It contains a large amount of vitamin C, which is also good for beauty and hairdressing. Regulate oil secretion, beneficial to oily skin and hair, can be added to water to cleanse the skin and promote blood circulation.

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