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Jasmine Dragon Pearl is a kind of flower tea produced mainly in Fuzhou, Fujian Province. It is made from high-quality fresh green tea blanks and smoked with jasmine flowers, and is named after its resemblance to a round pearl. The more white hairs the better the jasmine tea, the higher the value. It is especially suitable for young people who have a lot of fire, and young people who insist on drinking it is good for regulating the body and mind, relaxing the nerves, stabilizing the mood, improving anxiety, eliminating depression and relieving stress.What are the specific effects?Let Fuyang Bestop tell you.

 Jasmine Green Tea

Especially for young women and men, jasmine dragon pearl tea contains a large number of trace elements, which can accelerate blood circulation and promote metabolism. For women, proper drinking is conducive to the discharge of toxic and harmful substances in the body, thus reducing pigmentation and fine lines, making the skin more delicate and tender, delaying skin aging. In addition, it has the effect of fat removal and intestinal cleansing. For men, drinking it in moderation also has the effect of relieving alcohol, diuretic, removing bad breath, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, protecting the throat and relieving throat discomfort.

The long term use of computer workers are also suitable for drinking jasmine dragon pearl tea, the tea contains a variety of amino acids, vitamins and caffeine, tea polyphenols and other components, to stimulate the central nervous excitement, to play the role of refreshment, wake up the brain, the name of the eye, clear the liver and fire, relieve fatigue. With 3 to 5 jasmine dragon pearl brew a cup of aromatic jasmine dragon pearl tea, drink immediately after the atrophy disappeared, the spirit of refreshment. When not in need of drinking, jasmine dragon pearl can be put in the refrigerator to chill.

jasmine tea

The summer is the most suitable season to drink jasmine dragon pearl tea, because the tea is cold, jasmine dragon pearl can also eliminate heat, spleen and stomach, relieve dry mouth. But on the contrary, the cold and weak people, the elderly, children can occasionally but should not drink more of this tea, women in menstruation, pregnancy, lactation and other special periods is best not to drink, otherwise it is easy to aggravate the discomfort. At the same time, people with neurasthenia, insomnia, constipation and other symptoms should not drink this tea, otherwise it will aggravate the condition.

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