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Customers from Philippines to Visit Herbal Tea Factory and herbal plant growing base

Apr. 20, 2016

Date: Apr/20,2016


We received Ms Anna and Joan in our factory,who come from Philippines, are very interested in our herbal medicine.

1.00-2.00pm: Visit Chinese Herbal Medicine market, which is the biggest herbal market in China, located in Bozhou. Unfortunately, the market was closed after 9AM every day,the business time is 6.00-9.00AM every day.We have to look around some herbal shops.



2.00-4.00PM: Visit our factory.




Herbs Workshop and Production equipment


Warehouse and stocks


 Flower tea Workshop



Meeting in our meeting room





4.00-5.00PM: visit our herbs plant base


White peony root Growing plant base:




6.30-7.30PM: Visiting our office in Fuyang

Tasting our herbal tea and inquiring some questions

Our customers are very satisfied with our service, our Professional image.

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