The infusion method and efficacy of globe amaranth flower

Globe amaranth flower is a very beautiful flower with great ornamental value, so many people plant a few of them in their yards to decorate their homes. It is worth mentioning that these flowers are not only very beautiful, but also have good medicinal value. So what is the efficacy of the globe amaranth flower ?Let Fuyang Bestop tell you.

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Globe amaranth flowers are small in shape, but their flowers are colorful and do not change color over time. Every year in August and September, many people will pick the globe amaranth flower, dried and made into flower tea. According to modern medical evidence, taking globe amaranth flower can play a role in the health and treatment of diseases:
1, warm, pungent, containing amino acids, vitamins C, E and a variety of trace elements required by the human body, has the effect of clearing the liver and eyes, cough and asthma, lowering blood pressure detoxification, cough, diuretic, beauty and skin care.
2、It has the effect of clearing the liver and fixing asthma, but the millipedium in it will make people without asthma feel sleepy when they drink it.
3、Clearing the lung and dispersing nodules, lowering blood lipids and blood pressure.
4, activating blood circulation, dispersing blood stasis and relieving pain. Used for menorrhagia, dysmenorrhea, malignant dew, bruises and injuries.
5, the fruit containing “safflower seed” oil, can lower cholesterol and high blood fat; soften and dilate blood vessels, anti-aging, regulate endocrine It can soften and dilate blood vessels, prevent aging, and regulate endocrine secretion.

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To achieve a good medicinal effect, we should grasp the amount when brewing globe amaranth flower, and should not brew too much globe amaranth flower tea at once, otherwise it may will play a side effect.

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