Forget-me-not flower tea,the most suitable for women’s health flower tea

Forget-me-not flower, a perennial herb of the genus Forget-me-not in the Comfrey family, with mixed blue flowers and a ring of yellow heart stamens in the center of the blue flowers. The flowers are small and beautiful, with a harmonious and eye-catching color scheme that makes them memorable.

Forget-me-not was originally a very common flowering plant. The reason why people gave it such a poetic name as “forget-me-not” is based on a beautiful legend: there was a knight in ancient Europe who took his lover to the seaside. The lover saw a small flower at the water’s edge and wanted to pick it and put it on. The knight to show his love for his lover, wading in the water to pick. Unexpectedly, the sea tide came and swept him away. The knight hurriedly threw the bush to the shore and shouted: “Don’t forget me! Later, people called this flower “forget-me-not” flower. This flower, because of a deep love, people see it as a flower of love, men and women in love, often tied it into a bouquet to give each other, on behalf of “forget-me-not” love, to express the deep love of both sides.

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Today Fuyang Bestop will tell you three benefits of forget-me-not flower tea:

1.Forget-me-not flower tea can clear heat and detoxify the body, nourish the yin and kidneys, clear the heart and eyes, nourish the blood, and also promote the metabolism of the body mechanism, delay the aging of cells, and also improve immunity.

2.Forget-me-not flower tea also has a facial whitening effect, and women drink it to nourish the blood and regulate menstruation, clear fire and eyes, and has a certain effect on the elimination of freckles and acne.

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3.Forget-me-not flowers are rich in vitamin C, which can slow down the production of wrinkles and dark spots. It whitens the skin, clears the liver and eyes, nourishes the yin and tonifies the kidneys, and promotes muscle metabolism, slows down cell aging and improves immunity. It can also enhance the toughness of human blood vessels and healthy teeth.

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Post time: May-05-2022