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Foot Bath Herb Bag

Jan. 20, 2021

Foot bubble is through the temperature and drugs, the use of the skin to resist evil, secretion, absorption, penetration, excretion, feeling and other functions, acting on the local skin, muscle, joint, improve the metabolism of the three, strengthen its function, and through the skin absorption of drugs, for the treatment of local and systemic diseases. It can regulate the Qi and blood of the whole body, adjust the function of viscera, and treat a variety of diseases.

Foot Bath Herb Bag

Women's menstrual period is generally more irritable, especially those with dysmenorrhea, which often affects their work, study and rest. If you are suffering from dysmenorrhea, you might as well try to soak your feet with traditional Chinese medicine at home, which may achieve unexpected results.

All women of the right age can use Chinese medicine to soak their feet to regulate their body. But different constitutions or different types of syndrome differentiation, there will be different choices in medication.

Foot Bath Herb Bag

The symptoms of stagnation of blood stasis type are premenstrual or menstrual abdominal distension and pain, dark blood color with blood clots. In view of this kind of symptom's person, should reconcile the Qi and blood, dissipates the blood stasis to relieve pain. Because "women's liver is the foundation", most of the drugs selected for foot soaking are drugs that enter the liver meridian of foot Jueyin, and appropriate amount of vinegar is added, such as 30g of Qingpi, 30g of Wuyao and 30g of Leonurus, 10g of chuanxiong and 10g of safflower. Add about two liters of water and about 50 ml of vinegar, boil over high heat, and then decoct over low heat for 30 minutes. When the medicine cools to 50 ℃, pour the dregs into the basin to soak the feet. The amount of traditional Chinese medicine in the basin should be immersed in the ankle joint. If the amount of medicine is not enough, add appropriate amount of warm water. Keep your feet moving in the medicine and let the sole of your feet receive slight physical stimulation of the medicine residue for more than 30 minutes each time.

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