An introduction to the four common ways of eating hibiscus flowers

Hibiscus flowers are usually eaten in moderation and have a high nutritional value. Usually the flowers can be cleaned and the petals can be added in moderation to porridge and soup, or you can use eggs, flour and seasonings to make crispy egg flowers. The petals can also be used to make a cup of tea to clear away heat and dampness, moisten the lungs and relieve coughing.

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The hibiscus is a strong flower, highly adaptable and resilient in arid and cold places. It also signifies the endlessness and persistence of life. Not only does it inspire the heart when it blooms, but it is also uplifting and motivating when it is associated with the meaning the flower is given.

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How to eat hibiscus flowers?Let Fuyang Bestop tell you.

1.Cooked porridge for eating

Hibiscus flowers are not only grown in pots, its flowers can also be mixed with other foods. The flowers can be cleaned and remove the petals. Add hibiscus petals, sugar and other ingredients to the porridge as you cook it, and wait until it is ready to eat.

2.Served in soup

In fact, in the process of boiling chicken, duck and pork ribs soup, you can also add hibiscus flower petals in appropriate amounts to make a soup that is not only tasty, but also has a particularly high nutritional value. The soup can be made to give off a charming floral aroma, and can also play a role in cooling the blood and detoxifying the skin.

3.Crunchy Egg Blossoms

Generally you can clean the flowers, dry the water on the petals, and then beat the eggs to make them even. You can add flour and seasoning to the egg mixture, and cover the petals with a layer of egg mixture and fry them in a pan until they are golden brown.

4.Drying for tea

After the petals of the hibiscus flowers have been cleaned and placed in the sun, the water in the petals can be dried and the tea made with 80°C boiling water. The petals should be steeped for about five minutes, so that the hibiscus tea not only tastes better, but also clears heat and dampness, moistens the lungs and stops coughing.

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Post time: May-06-2022