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Craft Blooming flower dragon tea

Nov. 03, 2020

Craft flower tea, also known as art tea and special craft tea, refers to the tea and edible flowers as raw materials, after shaping, bundling and other processes, the appearance of different shapes of tea can be opened in the water when brewing.Craft Blooming flower dragon tea

Craft flower tea, or sometimes called "blooming tea", is a combination of tea and various flowers, such as amaranth, marigold, Lily and jasmine, which are skillfully bound into bundles, which can show beautiful and ingenious shapes after careful design. Brewed. In view of this, craft flower tea should be directly brewed in tall transparent glass or glass teapot, so that you can enjoy the taste and artistic display. Craft flower tea combines the color, smell and flavor of tea and flower, which is a famous Chinese flower tea. This distinctive feature has aroused great concern of tea lovers.Craft Blooming flower dragon tea

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