Blue lotus, whose scientific name is Nymphaea tetragona, is a plant of dicotyledonous plant class and water lily family. It has been aquatic flowers for many years, with a total of about 100 species in 8 genera. At the same time, there are the cartoon blue lotus and the song blue lotus. Water lily is also the national flower of Thailand, Egypt and Bangladesh. Water lilies and lotus belong to the same family of water Liliaceae, so it is sometimes easy to confuse their names. Dicotyledonous plants, plants of water lily family, aquatic flowers for many years, with a total of about 100 species in 8 genera. Among them, the purple water lily with purple and blue flowers and a strange blue water lily produced in Guangdong, China, are commonly known as the blue lotus.


What are the benefits and effects of blue lotus tea?  Let Fuyang Bestop tell you.

Drinking water with blue lotus flower, which is rich in nutrients can be absorbed by the human body through the tea broth consumed.The body absorbed, including the blue lotus infusion of a variety of trace elements and minerals and so on. Don’t underestimate the common nutrients, under the joint action, blue lotus tea can play a blood circulation, dredge the efficacy and role of the menstrual disorders of women, in the period before drinking blue lotus tea is better, do not drink during the period.
In the summer time, you can drink more blue lotus tea in moderation. If you drink water with blue lotus, the cool and refreshing blue lotus tea helps to relieve nervousness and boredom. In the role of heat relief constipation, you can also give the body the necessary moisture to prevent heat stroke.
The daily use of blue lotus flower infusion water, for the human gastrointestinal is a good anti-inflammatory inhibit the role of bacteria reproduction, but also better digestion and detoxification function, in addition, for the skin nourishment and protection, blue lotus tea also has a certain efficacy, very suitable for the young generation of beauty girls. It is very suitable for the young generation of girls who love beauty to drink.


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Post time: Nov-28-2022