Black truffle benefits and effects

Black truffle, also known as truffle, is a wild edible fungus that grows underground and has a rugged appearance. The color is between dark brown and Black, with small bumps, throughout the gray or light black and white texture, its smell is special and hard to describe. So, black What are the benefits and effects of truffles?  Let Fuyang Bestop tell you.

black truffle  (1) effects
Consumption of black truffles can significantly improve dementia, atherosclerosis, with enhanced immunity, anti-aging, anti-fatigue and other effects.
2.Improve sleep
Black truffle can improve the quality of sleep, improve the lack of energy, frequent night urination.

3.Nourish menstrual blood

Black truffle can nourish menstrual blood, improve the common women’s menstrual blood dark, dark, menstrual blood stasis and some menstrual volume is too small, improve a variety of PMS and menstrual disorders, but also to keep the skin elasticity and luster.

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How to eat black truffles?

1、Black truffle soup
Chicken broth also has a variety of nutrients, which makes it a great tonic soup. Stew the chicken for two hours, then put the black truffle in a casserole dish 20 minutes in advance.
2、Steamed eggs with black truffles
Black truffles and eggs also have a lot of protein, while black truffles have amino acids, so the two together is a perfect The two are a perfect match. Start steaming the eggs in the usual way, and add the black truffle when the eggs are almost cooked.

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Post time: Nov-07-2022