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Baobab tree

Nov. 17, 2020

Baobab is a very special tree. Where does baobab grow? Baobab grows on the grassland of Africa. Let's take a look at the legend of baobab tree. On the arid savanna of Africa, there is a kind of big tree with peculiar shape. Its name is bobbab tree. Because monkeys and baboons like to eat its fruit, people also call it "baobab tree".

Baobab tree

Baobab is a kind of kapok plant. Its trunk height is no more than 20 meters, but its diameter at breast height is more than 15 meters. The diameter of the crown can be more than 50 meters. Because it looks like a fat man, the local residents also call it "the big fat tree" and "the elephant in the tree".

Baobab tree

Baobab is a symbolic tree species on the tropical rare tree Piper, its flowers are known as the national flower of Senegal. Its fruit is very popular with apes, so it is named baobab. In the hometown of baobab, there are only dry and rainy seasons in a year, and the early season is particularly long, about 8-9 months, and the rainy season is very short. In this environment, baobab trees grow in this environment, every time the early season comes, it leaves all fall, in order to reduce the loss of water in the body, through the long dry season.

Once the rainy season comes, it will try its best to absorb water and sprout new leaves immediately. Its leaves are palmately compound leaves composed of 3-7 leaflets. This kind of tender leaves can also be eaten raw, and it can prevent rickets and scurvy. Every year, flowers bloom first and bear fruit after blooming. The fruit is oval in shape with sour flesh. Its seeds contain oil, which is about 15%. If mixed with coarse starch, it is edible.

The fruit of baobab tree is long oval, gray white, 30 ~ 35 cm long, with a longitudinal section of 15 ~ 17 cm. The pulp is juicy and contains organic acids and gums. It tastes slightly sour. It can not only be eaten raw, but also make cool drinks and condiments. There are many seeds wrapped in the pulp. The oil content of the seeds is as high as 15%. The extracted oil is light yellow, which is a high-grade edible oil. The seeds can also be mixed with grains.

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