Amazing Blue Butterfly Pea Blossom Food You Should Prepare for Your Guests

If you want to cook with this stunning flower, which is available in most parts of India, here are some interesting recipes to get you started.
While blue is a clean, vibrant hue that people often prefer, we don’t see blue in many foods because no fruit or vegetable has a natural blue color. However, this is where butterfly pea flowers come into play, as this flower, also known as Clitoria ternatea, releases a lovely blue hue when soaked or cooked. This allows you to add natural dyes and macronutrients to dishes. A little-known fact is that blue pea flowers do more than just add gorgeous color to food.
These include anthocyanins, which increase antioxidant activity in the body and improve heart health. In fact, many people also consider it natural paracetamol. So, if you want to make something out of this stunning flower that is available in most parts of India, here are some interesting recipes to get you started.
The flower is used in many countries for unusual cuisines. In Thailand, blue jelly can be made from coconut milk and agar. This dessert has health benefits as blue pea flowers aid digestion and also act as an antidepressant. Check out the recipe for this chilled treat -
If guests are rushing to your place and you don’t have time to prepare an exquisite menu for them, then this blue tricolor rice dish is what you need. Dried butterfly pea flowers are used in this rice cooker rice. But if you have fresh ones in your garden, you can use them too. If your guests prefer something more soupy, you can change this dish up by making fried rice with a side dish of charred garlic.
The reason why sago cakes make the most of this unique flower is because soaking pea flowers helps release antioxidant substances. Although the attraction of this flower lies in its appearance, it also has many health benefits. From soothing internal inflammation to helping control blood pressure levels and improving skin health, this is a magical flower. See how to turn it into an amazing sago pie.
One of the most popular desserts, Panna Cotta, can be taken to the next level with blue pea flower extracts. After soaking in warm milk, it acquires a natural blue pigment. The advantage of this recipe is that it does not require baking. let’s take a look -
This latte is a magically beautiful drink, pleasing to the eye and refreshing taste. It was perfect to pick me up for a day in the rainy season when it was overcast outside. Since it does not contain caffeine, it is an herbal tea rich in antioxidants. It brings many health benefits, such as glowing skin, relieves stress, and helps you lose weight.

Post time: Dec-26-2022