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Checking Folk Prescription Treatment of Wolfberry

Oct. 31, 2015

Checking Folk Prescription Treatment of Wolfberry ,clearing liver,improving vision and reducing blood pressure

1.Night blindness,vision loss 

 Wolfberry 6g,white chrysanthemum 6g,water instead of tea

2. High blood pressure, diabetes

   Wolfberry 15g, soup instead of tea,long-term use

3. Treatment of old people thirst

   Washing 30g wolfberry and chewing,Take ten days effectively, continuous use when necessary

4. Treatment of presbyopia

   Following the below folk prescription: getting a spoon of high quality wolfberry,putting into cup after      washing ,and then pouring the boiled water into cup,slightly cool in 3 minutes,and putting a spoon of honey into cup,drinking it after stiringbefore morning and night,drinking one cup of tea everyday. To be effective after 2 months

5 vomitus gravidarum

  Wolfberry and Scutellaria baicalensis each 50g. Putting them into cup with cover,stepping with the boiled water,drinking repeatedly after cooling slightly,after drinking and flushing with the boiled water. 

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