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What Slimming Tea to Drink?Five kinds of Super Efficiently Slimming Tea

Oct. 31, 2015

  1. Suggest drinking Oolong tea for Dieter

   Ingredient:Oolong Tea

   Brewing: pouring the boiled water and drinking

2. Suggest drinking Coix Seed tea for edema

   Ingredient:coix seed 3g, cassia seed 6g,3 roses

   Brewing:Boiling the hot water and drinking 

3. Suggest drinking lotus leaf tea for pressure population

   Ingredient: lotus leaf 3g,cassia seed 6g,3 roses

   Brewing:Boiling the hot water and drinking

4. Suggest drinking cassia seed tea for dieter and constipation people

   Ingredient:Cassia seed

   Brewing:Pouring the boiled water

5. Suggest drinking barely tea for anger people

   Ingredient:Barely 25g,hawthorn 25g

   Brewing:Pouring the sugar water 

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