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Osmanthus Tea

Sep. 29, 2020

Osmanthus tea is an herbal tea brewed with the dried flowers of the Osmanthus fragrans plant, which is native to China and has been used to prepare this sweet tea for thousands of years. While some people choose to prepare this tea in combination with green or black tea, it is also a delightfully floral drink all on its own. The yellow flowers are evidence of the high melanin content these flowers contain, in addition to a number of other antioxidants.

If you want to make your own osmanthus tea at home, you can readily access these flowers from many tea shops and import stores, as this is a globally popular herbal tea. 

There are a number of osmanthus tea benefits that include the following:Skin care,Prevent macularandWeight management. All of these benefits are due to the presence of antioxidants in this tea, which can seek out and neutralize free radicals, thus preventing chronic inflammation and oxidative stress-related disorders. 

Beyond the antioxidant benefits, this tea is also known to counter the effects of allergens and optimize the function of your immune system, which can further detoxify the body. 

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