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Ginger Honey Tea

Sep. 22, 2020

Ginger honey tea combines the spiciness of ginger with the lovely sweetness of honey. It’s the perfect hot and sweet beverage for a cold night. The sharp flavors are also good for you. It is an age-old remedy for a host of illnesses. It is usually used to treat cough and cold.

The best way to take ginger and honey is with a hot cup of tea. The tea has the sharpness of ginger which when combined with the mellow sweetness of honey, makes for a very soothing drink. It’s the perfect drink for cold days or whenever you want a little zing in your life.

Ginger and honey are packed with antioxidants that help us to fight free radicals. This makes them critical in protecting against chronic diseases like cancer. When combined, their effect is further magnified.

Ginger honey tea is the traditional remedy for a cold and cough. The hot drink can soothe an inflamed throat and provide relief. Research shows there is a good reason this is not just folklore. Ginger contains gingerol which has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. Honey could help relieve cough. According to a study, a spoonful of honey at bedtime helps relieve cough in children. However, honey is not recommended for infants younger than a year.

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