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Strawberry Tea

Aug. 21, 2020

Strawberry tea is an herbal tea brewed using the leaves of the wild strawberry, scientifically known as Fragaria vesca. Also called a mountain [1] strawberry or alpine strawberry, unlike the common strawberries found in grocery stores, the medicinal part of this fruit is the leaves. Some other variations of this tea consist of regular white or black tea that is sweetened with strawberries or even using the fruit themselves to brew the tea. 

It has diuretic effects and has the ability to stabilize the digestive tract by reducing the occurrence of diarrhea.

Strawberry tea may help reduce chronic inflammation and lower your risks of chronic diseases. This is due to the presence of tannins, anthocyanins, and other [2] antioxidants found in these leaves.

Drinking strawberry tea is a deliciously fruity beverage that can impart a number of health benefits when prepared properly.

Studies have also shown that regularly drinking this tea can improve your bone mineral density by improving calcium uptake. Strawberry tea gives your metabolism a boost, thus helping with weight loss efforts.

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