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Lemon Tea

Aug. 07, 2020

Lemon tea is a form of regular tea to which lemon juice has been added. While tea has its own list of impressive health effects, adding lemon will not only change the color and flavor but also the impact that this tea can have on your health. 

Lemon tea is a popular tea variation in Eastern India, as well as many other nearby regions, but its proven health effects are making it a popular option in other parts of the world. 

Lemon juice can suppress the appetite, as can caffeine, both of which are key parts in this beverage, meaning that it can prevent overeating and the habit of snacking between the meals, aiding you in your weight loss efforts.

Vitamin C and other antioxidants are responsible for protecting the heart against oxidative stress and ensuring the integrity of blood vessels and arteries.

Making your own lemon tea at home is very easy, although there are a number of variations on this tea that are prepared around the world. In addition to regular tea and lemon juice, some types of tea include honey, ginger, cumin seeds, sugar or salt. 

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