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Pu'er Tea

Dec. 12, 2019

Pu'er (also spelled as Pu'erh) tea is a category of tea made using the tea leaves picked from Yunnan big-leaf tea tree species. This is one tea that is truly unique to China and has been around for more than 1,700 years. It is named after its origin, Pu'er County in southern Yunnan of China. One of the most beautiful traits of a Pu'er tea is that, like fine wine, the quality, taste and value improves with age.

Traditionally, Pu'er teas were pressed into various shapes such as round cake and brick to facilitate trade and transportation. Also, seven of these cakes are usually packed together in bamboo wrap (known as Qi Zi Bing Cha, or Seven Sons Tea Cake). Nowadays, the compressed state of Pu'er tea leaves helps to conserve valuable storage space when Pu'er teas are stored for aging.

As a beverage, Pu'er tea taste and flavor can vary greatly depending on type, grade and age. Because most people are only exposed to very low grade Pu'er tea served in Chinese restaurants, Pu'er earned an undeserved reputation of having an unpleasant "earthy" taste. Good Pu'er teas are wonderfully complex beverage and have a incredibly smooth mouth-feel.

Pu'er tea has been revered as a medicinal tea in China for thousand of years. It is generally believed to aid digestion and bowel movements, lowers cholesterol, controls obesity and detoxifies your body. While there is no conclusive evidence to substantiate these claims, many recent scientific studies conducted by Universities, medical and research institutes do support them.

It is worth pointing out that Tibetans living on the cold, high mountains rely mainly on Pu’er Tea Bricks as their source of vitamins and mineral. Many of them are herders and their daily diet consists of high fat and high protein dairy products, meat and wheat. Vegetables and fruits are scarce. Drinking tea helps digestion, and dissolves the high fat and oil intakes. It also provides them with the necessary vitamins and minerals, and cleanses their body from poison accumulated from excessively high dairy and meat intakes.

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