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Benefits of Honeysuckle

Nov. 07, 2019

Origin: henan province The honeysuckle is also known as the honeysuckle, which is a kind of honeysuckle in the honeysuckle. The "gold and silver flower" comes from "compendium of materia medica", because the honeysuckle flower is white in the beginning and then yellow, hence the name of the honeysuckle. 

Gold and silver flowers have been praised as the antidote to heat and detoxification. It has a sweet and cold fragrance, and it is cold and warm without hurting the stomach. Honeysuckle can xuan scattered hot wind, also good blood detoxification, for a variety of hot sexually transmitted diseases, such as body, rashes, hair spot, hot poison sore carbuncle, sore throats and so on, are effective. Gold summer rushed to generation of tea, smell the fragrance of the heart of the drink shu lung, can clear leader, effectively improve the phenomenon of dizziness, is cooling purposes in beverages.

From south to north, the gold and silver flowers are widely distributed, and there is an old saying that "there will be drought and death of crops, and the burning of the pomegranate will not affect the honeysuckle." Henan FengQiu honeysuckle has 1500 years of cultivation history, bud thick thick long, colour and lustre is gorgeous, with high efficiency and health care function to use, has 2003 registered for marks of origin protection, as the quality of the Chinese nation, will be to identify with the South African diamond with French wine international brand-name products. 

Brewing methods: Take 30 or so and put in 300 ml glasses, or ceramic cups, which can be adjusted according to personal preference. Add hot water, about 7, 8, and cover, soak for 3 to 5 minutes, then serve hot and cold. 3, drink to the remaining 1/3 tea soup, and then add boiling water to bubble, so the consistency of the tea soup is more uniform; Add sugar or honey, or mix in any type of tea you like.  

Long-term drinking gold and silver the scented tea smells against cold, lipid-lowering reducing weight, delaying shadow.molecules old and moist skin effect and so on.

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