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Dried Medical Leeches

Oct. 27, 2020

Leech preparation has special effects in the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and anti-cancer. It grows and propagates in inland freshwater waters, which is a traditional special medicinal aquatic animal in China. After its dried products are processed, traditional Chinese medicine is used as medicine, and the wild natural resources are sharply reduced. With the further development of medicinal value of leech, its market demand potential is huge. It has the effect of treating apoplexy, hypertension, clearing blood stasis, amenorrhea, traumatic injury and so on.

Dried Medical Leeches

  1. Hirudin in fresh leech salivary gland is a kind of polypeptide, which is composed of a variety of amino acids. Its isoelectric point is ph3.8, which is relatively stable to denaturation reaction; the pure product is gray or white scale or powder, which is easy to deteriorate when exposed to heat or in dilute acid. Hirudin in dried herbs has been destroyed. In addition, it also contains heparin and antithrombotic.

    2. The effect of anti early pregnancy in all stages of pregnancy, including implantation, early, middle and late pregnancy, has the effect of termination of pregnancy, but the effect on early pregnancy is the best; if exogenous progesterone and leech are injected at the same time, it can antagonize the anti early pregnancy effect of leech.

    3. Leech can significantly reduce the cholesterol and triglyceride of experimental hyperlipidemia. Hirudin can inhibit tumor cells and the growth of liver cancer. Because leech has high anticoagulant effect, it is beneficial for anticancer drugs and immunoactive cells to penetrate into cancer tissue and kill cancer cells.

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