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CCPIT holds leading cadres to study, publicize and implement the party's nineteen major spiritual training courses.

Jul. 24, 2018

The China Trade Promotion Council has recently held two stages of leading cadres at the level of two stages of learning and carrying out the party's nineteen major spiritual training classes, and training the cadres at the level and above in the institutions and directly affiliated enterprises and institutions. Jiang Zengwei, party secretary and President of CCPIT, members of the Party group, vice president Zhang Wei, Wang Jinzhen, Lu Pengqi, Yin Zong Hua and Chen Zhou attended the rotation training class.

Jiang Zengwei asked party members and cadres to seriously study the nineteen major reports in the rotation training class, and earnestly learn, understand and realistically fulfill the nineteen major spirits of the party. He pointed out that, at present, China is moving from a big trade country to a powerful trade power. The Party Central Committee and the State Council have great hopes on the function of China Trade Promotion Association, hoping that the leading cadres of the party members play an exemplary role, guided by the nineteen spirit, and carry out the spirit of real reporting in combination with the actual work, and actively dedicate the country to the promotion of trade promotion. Cause.

The main purpose of this rotation is to realize the full coverage of the nineteen spirit of the party by leading cadres to learn and carry out the important significance of learning and carrying out the thought of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the nineteen spirit of the party in the new era of Xi Jinping. The nineteen spirits of the party's entry into the party's organs and units directly under the CCPIT take root and bear fruit.

The rotation class has arranged relevant courses around the promotion of trade. "The nineteen spirit embodies the political standpoint of" taking the people as the center ", and is full of the political force of" the flying clouds are still leisurely, "maintaining the political sobriety of 'avoiding the clouds from watching the eyes', and showing the political responsibility of" only keeping the air and being full. " The nineteen major representatives and the Vice Minister of the International Liaison Department of the China Trade Promotion Association, Jiang Er - male, shared the experience of learning the nineteen spirit, and from his own special experience told us about the history and reality of Taiwan and the policy of the central government in the new period. In addition, Professor Yu Kejie of China Foreign Affairs University and Yu Kejie, the director of the Ministry of law and research, and Hu Jianmiao, the director of the Ministry of law and research of National School of Administration, told us about the relevant internal capacity for the comprehensive promotion of the rule of law under the guidance of the nineteen major spirits; the Central Party School professor, and the guide to Liu Bingxiang From the perspective of the history of the Communist Party of China, it clarifies the importance of learning the party constitution and carrying out the party constitution, and Liu Zhiqin, a senior researcher at the Renmin University of China Chongyang Financial Research Institute, shares the thinking on the focus of the work of economic and trade work in the "one way and one way", and the international strategy of the China Institute of foreign affairs of the Ministry of foreign affairs. Chen Xulong, director and researcher of the Institute, taught the great power diplomacy in the new era from his own research.

During the training period, the members of the training party members and cadres learn the nineteen spirit through group discussion and special study, and share their own learning experience with the practice of promoting trade promotion.

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