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How dry flowers should be taken care of in daily life

Jul. 02, 2018

Dried flowers are a kind of decorations that are both affordable and beautiful in modern life. But many friends who buy flowers do not have enough care for dried flowers. Bad care for dry flowers will be counterproductive.

Now I will tell you how to care for dried flowers.

1, how to deal with the cleaning of dried flowers: dried flowers can not be washed with water. If washed with water, the colorful dried flowers will deteriorate. The clean work of dry flowers can only be blown by a blower. It's better to get the dry flowers outdoors. Because cleaning the dried flowers will not contaminate other things in the house.

2. Dry flowers are dry. Dehydration. Bleach. A dry flower made after dyeing. In general, water is not used. But the dried leaves can spray a small amount of water with a watering pot. It must be less. In this way, the veins of the veins are more active. It's better to add a few drops of smoked oil in the water. This can also adjust the atmosphere in the room.

3, dry flowers should be placed in the shade. Dry. But it is not exposed to the sun. Dry flowers can not rotate in the dry and high temperature, because dry flowers do not contain water, the maintenance of high temperature of dry flowers may ignite the work; pay attention to avoid placing it on or near electrical appliances, such as sound equipment, heater, electromagnetic stove, microwave oven and so on. In wet environment (or even micro tide), dried flowers are prone to soft deformation, causing some lines and petals to be completely out of shape and beyond recognition, and difficult to repair. Wet can also make the dry flowers mildew.

The above is the maintenance skills of dried flowers, hoping to make your life more colorful.

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