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Plant extracts best-selling overseas

Jun. 27, 2018

Driven by the growth of the demand for the world plant drug market, China's export of plant extracts has shown a good momentum of double increase in volume and price this year, especially the average export price has increased significantly over the past year. The latest statistics show that from 1 to August, China's plant extracts exported 142 million US dollars, up 46.91% over the same period last year.

It is introduced that plant extract is a new high-tech product which combines modern pharmaceutical technology. It is also a new variety of traditional Chinese medicine to occupy the international market in recent years. The processing degree and scientific and technological content are high. As the international "return to nature" and "green consumption" become fashionable in recent years, natural plant medicine has become an ideal choice for modern medical care in western developed countries, thus creating a huge market for natural plant medicine products. The industry forecasts that the global market for botanical drugs will exceed 26 billion dollars in 2005, and the output value will exceed 35 billion US dollars in 2006. China is recognized as the world's largest plant medicine, and has the guidance of traditional Chinese medicine theory. Therefore, the development of plant extracts has a unique advantage. Although the plant extract industry in China is still a new industry at present, its industry has formed a certain scale, there are more than 200 specialized production enterprises, and some Chinese patent medicines and fine chemical enterprises also produce extracts. Because of the high processing degree and high scientific and technological content of plant extract, the export price is much higher than that of the Chinese herbal medicine. Since this year, the export price of plant extract in China has been greatly improved, which not only shows that the plant extracts of our country have greatly improved the quality of the products, but also show the low price between domestic manufacturers in the same time. The disordered competition has some control.

Although the production and export of plant extracts in China have increased considerably since this year, it should also be seen that the share of Chinese herbal medicine in the world is still less than 10% at present, and there are still many defects in plant extract production enterprises, such as large quantity, small scale, most manufacturer's product single, and poor anti risk ability.

Industry experts expect that the export of Chinese plant extracts to several major markets will continue to grow steadily during the year, with a growth rate of more than 20%, and the annual export volume is expected to exceed $200 million. In addition, the African market should be paid special attention to. Only 7 countries in 53 countries in Africa now import plant extracts from China, and their share is minimal. Therefore, Africa is worth cultivating in the export market of plant extracts.

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