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The origin of the FIFA World Cup

Jun. 19, 2018

Since the late seventeenth Century, soccer has gradually spread from Europe to all over the world, especially in some developed countries. More and more people go to the stadium to get into this exciting and cheerful movement, so that the quality of a country's culture is a symbol of a country's cultural development at one time. In this case, the British took the lead in making an important contribution to the development of football.

In October 26, 1863, the British set up the world's first Football Association at the fremmason hotel in Queen's street, London. In addition to announcing the formal establishment of the England Football Association, the world's first more unified rules of football competition were formulated and passed and recorded in the form of text. The establishment of the England Football Association has set an example for other developed regions and countries in Europe. Its birth marks the beginning of a new stage in the development of football. Therefore, it is generally acknowledged that in October 26, 1863, the day of the founding of the England Football Association was the birth day of modern football.

The establishment of the England Football Association has promoted the vigorous development of soccer in some countries in Europe and Latin America.

In 1872, England and Scotland carried out the first games in history, in 1890 Austria began to hold Football Championships, and in 1889 Holland and Argentina appeared a number of football organizations.

In 1886, 4 football associations in England, Scotland, Welsh and Northern Ireland initiated the establishment of the international football Council and unified the rules of the competition.

In 1900, the Catalonia Football Association was established in Barcelona, Spain. Since then, Denmark, New Zealand, Chile, Belgium, Italy and other countries have also established soccer associations. This situation has greatly promoted the development of football and created conditions for the creation of an international football organization. At that time, Europe was the center of the development of football. In some countries, Heath Hohmann, Secretary of the Holland Football Association and Robert Robert, Secretary of the French Sports Association, are active initiator of FIFA. Heath hohman wrote to the England Football Association on the basis of the situation, hoping that they would lead an international football organization, but they were rejected by the England Football Association, who mistaken that it was an unrealistic fantasy to establish FIFA. At the same time, gaerin was also active. Under his launch, a part of the European Football Association decided not to wait for a British reply and sent a letter to the European Football Association for the creation of the International Football Federation.

In 1904, football associations such as France initiated the establishment of the International Football Federation in Paris. The FIFA headquarters is located in Zurich, Switzerland. In May 21, 1904, the association of FIFA (FIFA, abbreviated to FIFA, FIFA, F e d e ration Internationale de Football Association) was formally established in the post building of the 229 French Sports Association of onNo street in Paris, France, and representatives of 7 countries such as France signed the documents on the relevant documents. In May 23, 1904, FIFA held its first plenary session, and Robert Gaylin of France was elected the first president.  Since then, under the leadership of gaerin, the International Football Federation has done a lot of hard work, set up work institutions, absorb new members, expand the influence of the Football Federation, and help some countries to create football associations. In April 14, 1905, the England Football Association announced and asked to join FIFA, and Scotland, Welsh and Northern Ireland were also followed. It was a major victory for the newly born FIFA. In the first 30 years of the establishment of FIFA, FIFA had an honorary secretary general and was successively held by the Belgian Louis Mi Hogg Moorhouse and the Dutch Karl Hischoman.

From 1932 to 1951, Ivo Srik served as the first full-time secretary general. From 1951 to 1960, Kurt Gassman served as the second full-time secretary general. From 1961 to 1981, Helmut Keser served as the third full-time secretary general, and Pijosef Blatt served as the fourth full-time secretary general in 1981. Blatter, formerly the director of Public Relations Department of a famous Swiss firm, served as director of the technical department of FIFA in 1975 and implemented the world football development plan.

China joined the FIFA in 1930s. The 1958 FIFA has refused to cancel Taiwan membership for a long time, and the Chinese Football Association has announced its withdrawal.

The sixth FIFA congress, held in Tehran on 07 1974, 14, re accepted China as a member of the AFC and cancelled Taiwan's membership. In 1979, the Chinese Football Association returned to its legitimate seat in FIFA.

1975 05 - 04 1975, FIFA president Havelange visited China, and Li Fenglou, President of the Chinese Football Association, exchanged views on restoring China's legal seat in FIFA and dealing with Taiwan's membership.

In October 13, 1979, the Executive Committee of FIFA passed the resolution to accept the People's Republic of China Football Association as a member, and requested that the football organization of Taiwan be renamed "China Taipei Football Association", and no sign of "the Republic of China" should be used.

On 07 1980, the forty-second session of the FIFA congress approved the decision made by the FIFA Executive Committee to restore the legal rights of the Chinese Football Association in FIFA. China returned to the international football family.

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