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The origin and the origin of Children's Day.

May. 28, 2018

It was once a year to a holiday for children, the children are looking forward to, look forward to, this is the child's holiday, whether adults or children, for Children's Day is very important, I hope that in this special holiday, can bring some kind of happiness to the children, and for For children today, children's day represents good clothes, fun games and good snacks. It is a happy holiday, but it is not known that children's Day is not to make the children happy, but to commemorate the children who were killed during World War II.

The origin of the Children's Day

The establishment of the international children's Day is related to a famous slaughter during World War II. In June 1942, the German Fascist killed more than 140 male citizens and all babies over the age of 16 years old in the village of Czech, and escorted women and 90 children to a concentration camp. The houses and buildings in the village were burned down, and a good village was destroyed by German fascist. After the end of the Second World War, the world was depressed, thousands of workers lost their jobs, and lived a life of hunger and cold. Children are in a worse position, some have infectious diseases, and a lot of them have died. Others are forced to work as child laborers.

In memory of the children who died in the fascist war, the International Federation of democratic women held a council meeting in Moscow in November 1949. In order to guarantee the right to survival, health and education of children in all countries of the world, in order to improve the life of children, the conference decided to take the first day of June, the first day of the slaughter of the village of Li Di et, for the international children's day. Many countries at that time agreed, especially the socialist countries.

Many countries in the world regard June 1st as a festival for children, especially in socialist countries. In Europe and the United States, children's day varies from day to day, and social celebrations are rarely held. Therefore, it is misunderstood that only the socialist countries define June 1st as the international children's day.

In order to protect the rights and interests of children all over the world, in November 1949, the International Federation of democratic women held the decision of the Executive Committee in Moscow and will be the international children's day every year in June 1st. After the founding of new China, the Central People's government administration in December 23, 1949 stipulated that China's children's day should be unified with the international children's day.

International Children's day for the first time

The concept of "International Children's Day" was first put forward at the International Conference on child welfare held in Geneva, Switzerland, in August 1925.

The conference has 54 countries' representatives of child protection children, gathering in Geneva, Switzerland to hold the "International Conference on children's happiness", and through the Declaration on the protection of children from Geneva. In the declaration, there are heated discussions on the spiritual enjoyment of children, the relief of poor children, the avoidance of dangerous work for children, the acquisition of opportunities for children to earn a living, and how to save children.

Since the conference, on the one hand, on the one hand, to inspire children to make children feel happy and happy, on the other hand, to attract social attention and love, the governments of all countries have set up "children's Day" successively.

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