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Extraction method of traditional Chinese medicine extraction method

May. 14, 2018

Press extraction is a method of separating the liquid solid from the solid tissue by mechanical compression, which makes the liquid and solid tissue split, also called the extraction method. It is an ancient method of plant extraction. It is still one of the most important methods for the production of natural products. It is widely used in the industry of sugar, oil, juice, vegetable juice and aromatic oil. Squeezing is often used in the extraction and production of Chinese medicine, but the application is not as popular as the leaching method.

Some special characteristics of Chinese medicinal herbs make them unsuitable for leaching and processing, and are more suitable for processing. The extraction of water soluble substances by squeezing can yield a higher yield and make the product components undamaged. Many effective ingredients of Chinese medicinal materials that are very sensitive to heat, if hot impregnated and concentrated, the efficacy of the extracts will be significantly reduced; some of the rhizomatous and melon fruits with high water content, such as ginger, yam, Sanger, mountain nucleus, seabuckthorn and garlic, are treated with wet cold pressing. The bioactivity of extracts and flavor of juice are maintained to a maximum extent. The common medicinal castor oil, flaxseed oil and soybean oil are extracted by pressing method. The drugs in Chinese medicinal materials, such as water-soluble enzymes, protein and amino acids, can be made by this method.

The shortcoming of the pressing method is to extract aromatic oil and fat oil, and its yield is not as high as the leaching method, but the odor retention of the aromatic oil obtained by leaching or distillation is better than that of the pressing method, for example, the aromatic oil obtained by the press method is far more than the distilled gas, such as the fruit of Chinese traditional medicine orange peel, green skin and citrus, orange, lemon and so on. Good taste, this is the unique advantage of the pressing method. In practice, in order to improve the operation efficiency of the press method, the press method can be combined with the leaching method.

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