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The Origin of Mother's Day: It Was So Touching

May. 09, 2018

On the plain of southern Liaoning, there is a city of 2000 years old, Bayuquan Xiong Yuecheng. There is a mountain in the green sea like fruit forest in the east of Xiong Yue city. At the top of the mountain there is a brick Guta. From afar, it looks like a loving mother. Looking far away, I look forward to my early return. This mountain is called Wang Er Shan.


Legend has it that a long time ago, the suburb of Xiong Yue was a beach. There was a poor family at the seaside, with only two mothers and sons. In order to study hard for his son, his son decided to study hard and repay his mother's kindness. Then his son went to Beijing to go to Beijing to take a test. Many years passed and there was no news of my son. Mother was very anxious, and went to the sea every day. One year, two years, three years... The mother's hair was white, but she could not see her son's shadow. The mother cried again and again to the sea, "come back, child!" I miss you, think of you... " The old mother fell down and turned into a statue and did not expect her son to return.

As a matter of fact, his son died early when he went to Beijing to take the exam. God was moved by the great mother's love. In the place where mother stood looking for children, a high mountain stood up. The earth was moved by the great mother's love, let the tears of mother sprinkle the underground hot spring and moisten the countless red apples; the villagers were touched by the great mother love, and the solo show that lifted the ground. The peak is called "Wang Er Shan". A mother tower was built at the top of the mountain, and a mother's house was built under the mountain so that future generations could remember their ordinary and great kindness. With the development, the people of Bayuquan still retain the antiquity of respecting mother and loving mother. Every year in May, "mother's Day", all kinds of activities of mothers and mothers are to be carried out. Many people are still standing in their mother's house to mark their mothers' monument to express their respect for their mothers.

In order to promote the establishment and development of the Chinese mother's day, scholars and social workers from all over the country have voluntarily formed a "mother's Day promotion meeting" and carried out work according to law so that mother's day can be more deeply rooted in the people's heart and appeals to people's attention to mother's love and affection in daily life.

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