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Fresh fruit vs dried fruit vs frozen fruits which form of fruit is healthier

May. 02, 2018

When we were encouraged to eat a healthy diet, eat more fruits and vegetables "is one of the most common advice, but when we really eat more fruit, fruit about how the health of the body we tend to get a few more jumbled information. Many experts believe that sugar content may mean that fruit is not so healthy for the body.

While other researchers believe that because of fruit cell contains natural sugar, so would make it more beneficial to health of body, research suggests that when we are periods of low intake of sugar from the fiber cells, sugary beverages and processed foods than the sugar free, we may have the body absorb will be slow.

Nowadays we can buy many kinds of fruit in the market, such as traditional dried fruit, and some freeze-dried fruits and their products. So what kind of fruit is healthier? What is the difference between different forms of fruit? Please keep looking!

What's in the fruit?

Fruit of the body health benefits is based on many fruits contain low levels of energy, at the same time, contain a variety of nutrients, including vitamins, minerals, fiber and the active ingredients of life (usually includes some pigment compounds, such as polyphenols and carotenoids, etc.).

Fruit also contains sugar, and the amount of sugar in different fruits varies widely, with some saying that sugar content is low, such as cranberries (3.5%) and blackberries (1.5%). But some tropical fruits have higher levels of sugar, such as mangoes (14 percent) and jackfruit (19 percent). According to different types and maturity of the fruit, fruit sugar types are different, in general, the most common type of fruit sugar for fructose, in most of the fruit accounted for 40% to 55%, while sucrose accounted for most of the rest.

There are many people who believe that fructose is harmful to the health of the body compared to other sugars, but the evidence for this is very limited.

How does freezing affect fruit?

Mainly relates to the lowest degree, frozen fruit before freezing tend to heat treatment to block the enzymes that break down briefly fruit, otherwise it will result in changes of fruit metamorphism and taste. Compared with other methods, such as canned and frozen frozen is often a good way to keep fruit nutrition, and heat treatment, compared with canning fruits will be carried out in a short time before freezing heat treatment, this to effectively retain its nutrition is also very critical.

Thaw will not lead to fruit nutrient loss, however, before the frozen soft fruit ice damage fruit cell effect will lead to fruit into a paste, then the water-soluble vitamins and minerals will be leakage.

What is the effect of drying on fruit?

Drying (dehydration) can significantly concentrate the sugar in the fruit, for example, when the apricot is fresh, its sugar level is 9.5 percent, and when it is dried, the sugar level rises to 54.2%. This is why people will dry fruit (dried fruit) described as "sugar bomb", though the world health organization (who) dried fruits will not be classified into the food should be restricted in People's Daily life.

Compared with fresh fruit, dried fruit in the energy level is 6 times of owe, this is because after the moisture removal produces an enrichment effect, so if when you pay close attention to its own weight, maybe it should be reasonable eat dried fruit weight. But for dried fruits may not be all bad news, the drying process can increase the levels of certain vitamins and minerals in fruit, when the water has been removed after the fruit of vitamins and other nutrients would be constantly enrichment; This means that the 30 g preserved apricot containing more than 5% of the iron ion, and the level is higher than the recommended daily intake of iron, but if you want to achieve 5% iron intake levels, we may need to consume 175 g almond.

How about freeze-drying?

Freeze - drying process first to frozen fruit, then fruit under low pressure in a vacuum, low pressure will promote rapid ice sublimation, from the solid ice into water vapor, compared with the conventional drying, the process can effectively remove the water from the fruit.

Usually, the moisture in fruit can be reduced, but will remain unchanged, the structure of the fruit that makes the ways of preserving fruit is especially suitable for soft fruit, than mountain berries, strawberries, etc., because the fruit sugar content is low. Freeze-drying is the most widely used method of food preservation. By 2021, the sales of frozen dried fruits will reach a $66.5 billion.

It is widely believed that freeze-dried fruit can be a healthy alternative to candied fruit and dried fruit, but the fruit often contains higher levels of sugar than fresh fruit. In addition, freeze-drying can effectively remove moisture from fruits compared with traditional drying methods. In every 100g of fruit, the amount of sugar in freeze-dried fruit is significantly higher than that of dried fruit.

Fresh strawberries contain 4.9 percent of the sugar, but the freeze-dried strawberries contain 71 percent sugar, 14 times more sugar than fresh strawberries, and the same amount of sugar is similar to some candy. Similar to freezing, freeze-drying can help preserve nutrients in fruits, but we can still see some of the nutrients lost, such as vitamin C. But when some freeze-dried fruit contains less water than fresh fruit, we probably don't need to eat too much of this fruit because it's high in nutrients.

So what's the bottom line?

The bottom line is that we should try to eat as much fruit as possible, but preferably fresh fruit; If we choose dry or freeze-dried fruit for convenience, these fruits may contain higher levels of sugar than the original fruit.

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