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A glimpse of Easter events around the world

Apr. 11, 2018

After the crucifixion week is Easter. For Christians around the world, Easter is the day of the resurrection on the third day after the Lord Jesus was crucified and buried. On the first Sunday after the equinox each year, the Christians will commemorate the grand ceremony.

Throughout the week of suffering and Easter, the activities of the Roman Catholic Church have received much attention and have also been frequently seen by major media in the world. During the Passion Week in 2018, Pope Francis gave a Sunday Sunday ceremonial ritual on Sunday, consecrated sacred mass on Thursday, a feudal rite in the Queen's Prison on that night, and a Colosseum on Friday night. On the eve of the eve of the resurrection on the road and on Saturday night, the vigils were mass.

On the Easter day on April 1, Pope Francis gave a resurrection Sunday Mass at St. Peter's Square. Radio Vatican reported that there were 50,000 flowers arranged on the altar of the day and its surrounding steps; the Pope emphasized the declaration, rapidity, and reflection during the preaching of the pope, and concluded that: in the face of a pleasant announcement and Running quickly, we have to ask: "What are I going to do in this 2018 Easter today? What are you going to do?"

Among Protestant groups, Easter celebrations are mainly Easter worship of the church and Easter baptism. Some churches or social groups also organize activities such as gifting eggs or egg search.

Grace Perry’s son, Ge Fulin, shared his late father's Easter message on “Interesting Time” on his Facebook social media on Saturday. In less than two days, more than 1.4 million people viewed the video. In the black-and-white video, Pastor Graham recounted passionately about Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. He said, "He is not here. He is already alive!" It is the greatest news that humanity has heard.

The California Harvest Christian Fellowship of the United States of America sent invitations before Easter. In addition to Easter Sunday and Sunday worship, the church also held a family service and Easter egg search activity on Sunday afternoon. In addition, the church also arranged programs. Performances, pet parks, balloon arts and other activities hope that the congregation will invite relatives and friends to participate.

The Capital Church in Washington, DC, has been holding a cross-sect Easter morning worship in front of the Lincoln Memorial on Easter Sunday morning for 40 years. This event has attracted thousands of participants. The organizers said that their music, the people they attended, the information they gave, and the landscape at the time made this worship event one of the most unique ways to celebrate Easter.

In China, Easter activities are mainly in the church. The church holds Easter Sunday worship on Easter Day, and some churches also hold baptisms and communion  s, as well as Easter Praise. In addition, the church prepares colorful eggs for presentation to congregations attending Easter activities.

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