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Four kinds of traditional Chinese medicine slimming tea formula introduction

Mar. 20, 2018

Under the theory of “medicine and food homology” in traditional Chinese medicine, medicinal materials with peaceful nature and health and health care have long been commonly consumed, such as fashionable weight-loss medicinal herbs such as hawthorn and lotus leaves. According to the genesis and constitution, Chinese medicine practitioners open weight-loss prescriptions into four categories, each with different weight loss formulas. These four categories include: gastric heat and moisture resistance type, spleen deficiency and wet resistance type, liver qi stagnation type and liver and kidney yin deficiency type. Therefore, there are four kinds of traditional Chinese medicine slimming tea recipes:

Cassia heat

Heat type

Subject: White-collar workers under the age of 30 are fatter due to excessive entertainment, greasy foods, and high work pressure, resulting in excess body heat, excitement, easy bitterness, bad breath, hunger, emotional irritability, yellowish urine, and constipation. Judging from traditional Chinese medicine, except for cellulite and diuretic, the key is to clear heat and the body's metabolic function will return to normal.

Weight loss formula:

1. Cassia seed, slightly cold, can lower blood pressure, blood fat, purge, if high blood pressure and constipation, should choose cassia seed tea. However, if the body is cold, it is not suitable for people who are diarrhea and stomach pain.

2. Green tea is cool, it can eliminate fat, and it also has anti-cancer effects. However, green tea is not fermented tea. Chinese medicine practitioners believe that it is easier to scrape the stomach. Those who have a bad stomach should pay more attention.

Spleen type

Subject: Some people are fat, because of qi deficiency, they need spleen. Chinese medicine believes that qi deficiency can make the spleen function abnormally, fill up the air, naturally restore the body's function, and can normally metabolize and naturally lose weight.

Weight loss formula:

1. Coix seed, sexual level, dampness, because the mild nature of the effect is not fast, and most of the food with other herbs or food ingredients.

2. Astragalus, sweet, sexual tepid, Bu Zhong Yi Qi, diuresis swollen. There is no lipid-lowering effect in itself, but in the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, qi deficiency requires qi to enhance the body's metabolic efficiency, and jaundice can also enhance immune function.

3. Fuxi, sweet and flat. Spleen and diuretic, can lower blood sugar, sedation, qi, enhance immune function. There is no problem eating for a long time. There are people eating Fuxi paste and Sishen Tang.

Qi type

Subject: Chinese medicine pays attention to the operation of "shuqi", which makes it a smooth system in the liver, "liver stagnation is the spleen," digestion and metabolism are not complete, naturally easy to fat, and mostly young women, the common symptoms are, easy chest tightness The stomach was up, the mood was fluctuating, and it seriously caused menstrual disorders. Equivalent to western medicine's anxiety, depression, neurosis and other symptoms, coupled with this type of person tends to ease the situation by eating, more likely to lead to obesity.

Weight loss formula:

1. Orange peel can help digestion, delirium, and qi. Used alone to lose weight is not strong.

2. Roses can also be qi, side effects, and must be combined with other weight-loss herbs.

Ziyin type

Subject: The yin deficiency system of the elderly is prone to obesity. Elderly people love dizziness, poor quality of sleep, love of the waist, dry mouth, and so on. Chinese medicine doctors believe that Yin and blood are insufficient. From the Western point of view, older people, aging organs, metabolic rate decline, poor circulation, blood can not function Nourish tissue. Chinese medicine attaches great importance to "blood". In addition to supplementing blood, these patients also need blood circulation.

Weight loss formula:

1. Polygonum multiflorum, lowering blood lipids and blood, has good curative effect on obesity in the elderly.

2. Salvia miltiorrhiza, has a slight effect of blood, can promote blood circulation. Has the effect of lowering cholesterol and blood lipids. It is also effective for coronary heart disease and angina, and it also improves circulation.

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