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Herbal Tea is an herb or a mixture of herbs

Jul. 03, 2017

Often other things are added to the herbs. Berries, pieces of fruit, spices, bark, roots and flowers are some of those things. This type of beverage has been used for centuries in a medicinal way. For instance,Chamomile tea is recommended both to help fight colds and calm the nerves. These are just two of the many uses of this particular herbal.

Did gramma use home remedies?

Before modern medicine as we know it today what did people have? What did our ancestors do to ward off illness? How did they help themselves feel better when they did become sick?

History shows herbs to be what people used throughout the ages. These plants were used in many ways.

Herbs added flavor to food though out history and they still add flavor today. Some of these plants make good insect repellents. Poultices, made from herbs helped with abscesses and inflammation. Other plants give off a scent that pleases the senses.

Infused in water many of these plants make good tasting and often healthful herbal teas or tisane.

What about people today? Are herbals making a comeback?

With the advent of “Modern Medicine" and the introduction of chemicals and drugs people have gotten away from what is often referred to as "home remedies”. Today if we feel sick most of us don't think of herbal cures. Most people think of calling the doctor or buying pills from the pharmacy.

We are however, seeing more interest in the use of herbs. Herbal tea can be used just as a good tasting beverage. For many drinking a good tasting cup of Chamomile tea before bed to relax is preferable to taking a pill. Teas to bring relief of stress related and physical problems are receiving more attention. Listening to ads on television about a drug helping with a medical problem someone may have can really scare you. The list of side effects may be worse than the original problem.

Would you be interested in trying an herbal beverage made from dried fruits, herbs and flowers? I've tried a lot of different tisanes, blends of things like dried apple pieces, lemon peels and hibiscus flowers. I like the combination of dried orange peel and clove (a spice). Many berries like dried cherries, cranberries and raspberries can be blended with hibiscus flowers or rose hips. I recently enjoyed a tisane given to me by my sister-in-law that had slivered almonds in the brew. It was really different and I liked it. The combinations can be endless here. The best thing is these ingredients are natural and even good for us

Would you like to grow your own fresh organic healthy herbs for teas? Now it is possible to grow things all year round. Many garden centers carry containers that make this possible. I was able to grow lemon balm and mint on my small terrace 22 stories in the sky this past summer. I dried a lot of the leaves and I’m using them now. Lemon balm is not only a good tasting herbal tea it is a really good herb to sprinkle to on fish to add flavor.

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