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Women drink Pu'er tea benefits and taboos

Jun. 12, 2017

Any food has its taboos and benefits, the world also has two sides of all things. Like a lot of women now like to drink Pu'er tea, men and women are very different in physical, physical resistance to foreign things are not good men, that women drink Pu'er tea What are the benefits and taboos?

Pu'er tea is the only post-fermented tea, its theophylline, tea polyphenols and other substances harmful to the human body in the long process of fermentation is divided out, so the mild nature of the human body is not stimulating, but also to promote metabolism , To speed up the body fat, toxins digestion and transformation.

Now troubled city people obesity, three fat high problem, Pu'er tea can play a very good mitigation effect, such as detoxification, stomach, anti-inflammatory, lower cholesterol, fat to tired, beauty weight loss ... ... Pu'er tea health care function almost Can be "unclean tea".

Drink the general tea may be problems, such as Shang Wei, insomnia, polyuria, Pu'er tea not only will not appear, but have stomach, promote sleep effect, can be described as magic. Many women will drink Pu'er tea as a recipe for weight loss beauty.

The benefits finished, the to say that the taboo.


Cooked tea in the tea more pigment, drink more do not pay attention to brush your teeth is easy to leave tea stains on the stains.


Neutral and blood sugar speed is faster, low blood sugar, low blood pressure in patients prone to drink after dizziness, nausea and other symptoms.

One of the tannic acid and tannic acid will be combined with the body of iron ions, the same body caused by the absorption of iron ions, thus affecting hematopoietic function, so anemia patients and menstrual girls should not drink Pu'er tea

Health tea, especially the new tea cold, drink cold body can cause abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms, Shang Wei.


Of course, these taboos can be noted and reasonable to avoid, and all the entrance of things, are appropriate for the degree, comfortable as a benchmark, so the body will only be beneficial and harmless.

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