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hot sale Pyrenonidosa Spirulina best Price organic Chlorella powder

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Test Method UV

Functions "1.Strengthen the immune system, and enhances prostaglandin production and possesses anti-inflammatory

abilities.Keep full vitality, resist radiation, strengthen metabolism Picking up toxic substances and

eliminating them out of the body. Chlorella cell walls powder absorb and hang onto lead.

2.Rebuild nerve damage in the brain and nervous system.Enhance natural cleansing and detoxification

Chlorella supplements can speed up the rate of cleansing of the bowel, bloodstream and liver.

3.contains a growth-promoting substance, making it valuable as an ingredient in breads and fermented drinks, help promote a healthy PH level in your body."

Applications "1. applied on pharmaceutical field.

2. applied on food field and health care products."

Ash <5%

Storage Store in cool & dry place

Shelf Life Two years