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artificial fresh preserved rose flower in wishing bottle led for Valentine's Day

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product name     Small freshness series

Flower wood True roses, hydrangea, moss ,led light and so on.

size 190mm*80mm ,Customizing according to the customer

Packing 205mm*90mm

Product weight 303g/pcs

Packing number 60pcs / pieces

container Wood bottom, glass cover.

Use for   Decorations can be placed in study rooms, living rooms, shops, cars, etc.

Advantage Immortalized flower is also called fresh flower. It is made of a series of processes, such as dehydration, decolorization, drying, dyeing and so on. It is made of fresh plant branches and leaves and flowers. The storage time can be two to three years or even longer.

Flower maintenance

1. immortal flowers need not be watered, nor placed in damp environment. Wet weight causes the petals to become transparent.

2. avoid direct sunlight. Strong ultraviolet rays will cause petals to fade.

3. do not often touch the flower.

Chromatism Due to factors such as ambient light, production factors, monitors and so on, the color of the picture may be different from that of the object.

MOQ    60pcs

Storage Dry, avoid direct sunlight, avoid moisture.