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Wholesale cheap coconut fiber hanging flower basket coconut coir

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Chinese Name  ye zong hua lan

English Name  coconut fiber hanging flower

Texture of material  Toto, grass, willow, wood, corn husk, wheat straw, papyrus, paper rope, etc.

Technology Have a pastoral style, all from the hands of a rural woman

quality Uniform specifications, uniform weaving, pure color, firm and firm.

application  family, conference rooms, shop windows or hotel furnishings.

purpose Garden planting, household pendants, souvenir collections, etc.

size Large: mouth 875px, high 450px, bottom 375px

Medium: mouth 750px, high 375px, bottom 325px

Trumpet: mouth 625px, high 300px, bottom 300px

MOQ 50pcs

Origin An hui,Etc

Storage In clean,cool,dry area; Keep away from strong,direct light.