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Chinese supplier cambir plant extract alkaloid source Cat's Claw Extract

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Functions "1. Reduce pain and inflammation of rheumatism, arthritis and other types of

inflammatory problems.

2. Have anti-tumor and anti-cancer properties that inhibits cancerous cell formation.

3. Promote the healing of wounds.

4. Be useful for treatment of gastric ulcers and intestinal complaints

5. Help to relieve chronic pain.

6. Enhance immunity by stimulating the immune system.

7.  Help people experiencing stomach and bowel disorders, including colitis, Crohn's

disease, irritable bowel syndrome, leaky bowel syndrome, gastritis and duodenal

ulcers, intestinal inflammation.

8.  Help fight both viral and fungal infections such as Herpes and Candida"

Applications "1. applied on pharmaceutical field.

2. applied on food field and health care products."

Storage Store in cool & dry place

Shelf Life Two years