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natural healthy Food Supplement cinnamic acid cassia twig extract

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Functions "1. Improve digestive system.

2. Stimulant:warming effect on the body.

3. Prevent infection by killing decay.

4. Oral hygiene products material.

5. Control blood sugar levels in diabetics.

6. Reputation as an aphrodisiac.

7. Kill many disease-causing fungi and viruses.

8. Relieve Pain.

9. Relieve Colds and Flu.

10. Protective effects against myocardial ischemia/re-perfusion damages/Cardiac Effects.

11. Treating viral polymyositis.

12. Inhibitory effects on bacterial plaques."

Applications "1. applied on pharmaceutical field.

2. applied on food field and health care products."

Storage Store in cool & dry place

Shelf Life Two years