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Bulk animal feed forage grass seeds Vicia Villosa Seeds

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Chinese name Guang ye zi hua tiao zhong zi

English name Vicia villosa seeds

Latin name ViciavillosaRothvar

Germination rate 85.00%

Sowing date Spring

Varietal purity 98%

Packing 200g/bag

Growth habits The whole growth period is 250 - 260 days, and the flowering period is influenced by the temperature of spring. The seed Germination rate temperature was 20 to 25 degrees, 20 degrees around the fastest growing, wide adaptability, strong cold resistance, drought resistance, barren tolerance and weed suppression ability are strong.

Usage For planting

MOQ 200g

Storage "In a clean dry place

Keep away from strong direct light"

Payment way 100% Trade assurance,or according to you .

Origin China