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Chinese name: mu tong
English Name: Akebia
Latin Name: Akebia quinata (Houtt.) Decne.
Use Part: root
Specification: Whole,Cut Slice, Bio Powder,Extract Powder
Main function: Diuretics and Tonglin,Clear the mind and get rid of trouble
Application: Medicine,Health Care food,Wine,etc.
Storage: Cool and dry place.
Packing: 1kg/bag,20kg/carton, as per buyers request

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The name of the study is Akebia quinata (houtt.) decne., which is also called "Shantong grass", wild papaya (grass for saving the famine), grass, branches (this Scripture), and the Radix Notoginseng (Wupu grass), etc; The leaves of woody vines are slender, cylindrical, winding, and the bark is gray brown, and has round, small and protruding lenticels; The bud scales are tiled and pale reddish brown. Palmately compound leaves alternate or clustered on short branches, usually 5 lobules, occasionally 3-4 or 6-7; 


Petiole slender, 4.5-10 cm long; Leaflets papery, obovate or obovate elliptic, 2-5 cm long and 1.5-2.5 cm wide. Woody is a negative plant, like Yin and humidity, more cold resistant. It is often grown in grass under the low altitude hillside forest. It is produced in various provinces and regions of the Yangtze River Basin, and is distributed in Japan and North Korea. Woodong taste sweet, sexual micro cold, has the main treatment of warm urine red, gonorrhea astringency, edema urine less, milk can not be under the effect.


It has the effect of diuresis, clearing heart, removing trouble, dredging menstruation and removing milk.


For drenching syndrome, edema, upset, red urine, sore mouth and tongue, amenorrhea, less milk, damp heat arthralgia.

Related compatibility

1. "Tai Ping Hui Min He Ji Ju Fang": it is compatible with Plantago asiatica and talc, such as Bazheng powder in the treatment of damp heat of bladder, short and red urine, astringent and painful leaching.

2. "Pediatric medicine syndrome straight formula": it is compatible with Rehmannia glutinosa, licorice, bamboo leaves, etc., such as Daochi powder in the treatment of heart fire inflammation, sore mouth, or upset urine red caused by heart fire moving down the small intestine.

3. Yang's family recipe: peach gum (fried), Akebia, gypsum each one money, a water, fried seven minutes, after eating. It is used for bleeding.

Usage and dosage


Collection and processing

Harvest in autumn, cut off the stem, remove the twigs and dry in the shade.

Processing method

Remove impurities, soak in water, take out after soaking, slice and dry.


Store in a ventilated and dry place to prevent mildew and moth.


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